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Weekend recap

>> Monday, October 3, 2011

We had a lot of fun this weekend and we also accomplished many things at the new house.

We had lots of fun at Scarlet's 3rd birthday.

On Sunday I painted the office and on a whim we decided to paint the banister black:


Almost done
 Tim installed ceiling fans in all four rooms upstairs and one hall light.

Love this fan.  This is the same one we have in family room of old house.

All the rooms are now painted except for the pantry and downstairs bathroom (which will be demoed once the rest of the house is finished).

Here is the pantry now:
from the kitchen
around the corner
I love the size of the pantry but I think I wanted to make some of the shelves deeper.  They have to be able to hold Costco size Cheerio boxes.

Hopefully this week the boys bath will be tiled and Tim will start installing our floors.


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