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Sewing for Kids

>> Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Currently I am enrolled in a online sewing course conducted by Whipstitch.  It is a five week course and currently we are in week 4.  I have completed the skirt but unfortunately do not have anyone here to model it.

During week 2 we made pants and I made the size 3T for Trent.  They seemed a little tight when he tried them on and I realized I did not have the correct settings on the printer when I printed out the pattern.  Oh well they fit now, but there is barely any room for a diaper.

Modeling with his helicopter

The hardest part was getting Trent to stand still so I could mark where to hem them.

This pattern is great because it is really easy to sew and I love the little detailing of the mock fly.  Trying to catch up with my class this week.  Wish me luck.


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